[TxMt] search and replace within selection ?

Michael Bayer mike_mp at zzzcomputing.com
Thu Jan 5 01:53:45 UTC 2006

Hi there -

Ive been a textmate user for many months now.  I notice the most  
recent download (rev 898) has dramatically changed the "find" dialog,  
most importantly in that it has removed the option to search and  
replace within a selection !

I noticed that the "edit" menu has a selection "replace all in  
selection".  There are two problems with this.  One is, it doesnt  
work !  I click on it when i have some text selected, and nothing  
happens.  If it is in fact using my previous selection, thats not  
very convenient since I dont get a chance to tell it what i want to  
search and replace.  Also, the key comibination - shift+ctrl+apple 
+F ... a little excessive perhaps ?

Why cant the "replace in selection" checkbox be present in the  
default "find" dialog like it was, and more importantly, why cant  
this checkbox be automatically selected when I have text selected ?    
this is how TextPad does it and it is by far the most intutive way to  
do it.

- mike

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