[TxMt] scroll using keys

David Eriksson bbs at fatslice.com
Wed Jan 4 09:55:07 UTC 2006

>You can record a macro that does scroll up/down 2-n times and save 
>it. Macros do not cause the menu flash (when they are saved), so 
>that might be faster for you, and you can have it scroll more than 
>one line on the key press.

tried it now as a macro (without the menu blinking)

Running a macro doing the exact same thing (scroll one line) is 
slower than running the shortcut for the built in menu-item.

Can I set a macro globally? (not just for a specific language).

>>Also, when I've scrolled say 1 1/2 page, how do I center the cursor 
>>on the visible area!?

Please do! Top!!


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