[TxMt] Find/Replace Variables in Document?

Andrew Vit andrew at dihedral.ca
Mon Feb 20 07:15:13 UTC 2006

On Feb 19, 2006, at 22:05, Court K wrote:

> I mean who actually is editing files that ARE NOT going to end up  
> on the internet? Every file I edit is going onto the internet, so  
> allowing me to edit them and save would be a huge boost. It's the  
> only reason for buying any text editor. Especially an "editor for  
> the 21st century" that doesn't have internet capability.

Hello Court,

I'm a new TextMate user myself, and I've seen this feature request  
come up in several places already so I'm pretty sure this is a dead  
horse. I think this is a question of the developer's philosophy and a  
purposeful consideration of where to draw the line... I don't  
consider FTP an embarrassing feature omission at all.

Personally I agree with the TextMate philosophy[1], and I don't  
believe that handling FTP, SSH, HTTP, WebDAV or whatever other  
underlying protocol is the job of a text editor. There are other  
better-suited applications for handling that layer, and keeping them  
separate is much more flexible. I use Transmit for FTP, and it  
integrates with TextMate very well:

If I want to make a quick edit to a remote file, I find it in  
Transmit and it just saves back when TextMate is done with it. To  
edit a local file, it's only one more keystroke in TextMate to save  
it to the FTP server, and I prefer it that way--I don't always want  
to post up the file--sometimes I only want to save work in progress  
to my local working copy.

It sounds like you're coming from the mindset of monolithic behemoth  
tools like Dreamweaver or GoLive. I despise  working in those kinds  
of applications for their lack of flexibility. If there's an aspect  
of the environment that I don't like, whether it's the text handling  
or the file management, there's no way to swap in another tool for a  
single task--it's all or nothing.

Anyway, I'm not trying to convince you that TM is right for you. I'm  
just pointing out that the "editor for the 21st century" is more  
modular than you may be expecting. But add up the cost of TextMate 
+Transmit, and you still come out ahead of BBEdit...

[1] http://macromates.com/textmate/manual/preface#philosophy_of_textmate


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