[TxMt] Re: wrap a word into quotes

guerom00 romain.guerout at stud.unibas.ch
Wed Aug 30 19:14:24 UTC 2006

Rob McBroom <textmate at ...> writes:

> I got it to work (mostly). I added the following to a new  
> "Preferences" section of my personal bundle:
> { smartTypingPairs = ( ( '«', '»' ) ); }
> …and gave it a scope of "text". It doesn't work in PHP scopes unless  
> I add "source" to the scope, and even then, it doesn't work in Mail  
> scopes (text.mail.markdown and text.html.markdown). Maybe there is a  
> bug?
> Rob

Indeed. Defining those in a custom bundle seems to work.
Maybe the «text» scope did the trick.
That's good enough for me. 
Thanks very much.

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