[TxMt] CSS (overtype broken/removed?)

Josh josh at epweblogic.com
Mon Aug 28 15:04:50 UTC 2006

Before the last update I could type something like:

div {

And all was well and good. Now TM throws a space in automatically  
which is fine. I just have to get used to that. But now I can't  
overtype the semi-colon. I used to be able when I got to then end of  
the statement type ";" and it would overwrite the one that was  
already there and place my cursor outside the statement. Now it puts  
2 semi-colons and i'm still stuck in the statement.

div {
	color: red;;

What happened to the ability to Overtype the semi-colons in the css  
context? And how do I bring it back?


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