[TxMt] crash on opening document

Vincent De Snerck thespobo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 13:18:00 UTC 2006

Ok, I have a non registered version. Yesterday it updated with a  
newer version. I used it and it was fine. Today I launched it and it  
immediatly updated. Now as soon as I try to open a document that has  
some form of colorencoding it spontaneously crashes (.rb files for  
example). I tried opening regular text-documents and that worked  
fine. I zapped the program. Downloaded it again, reinstalled it and  
the issue remains. When I open up the program and I go into  
preferences and then Colors and Fonts it does the same thing. So I  
think it has something to do with the displaying of colors. I even  
tried creating a new user profile and use it there .. same issue.

As far as I recall I haven't installed anything since yesterday.  
Perhaps Shiira but I doubt that would be the cause of all of this.

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