[TxMt] spaces in parentheses

Rob McBroom textmate at skurfer.com
Tue Aug 15 19:03:13 UTC 2006

When coding, I prefer to have things like this:

something( "blah" );

Rather than:


To accomplish this, I had created a scope called "meta.parentheses"  
which only applied if the cursor was between empty matching  
parentheses. I then had a snippet, with the spacebar as the key  
equivalent and meta.parentheses as the scope, that would insert  
[space]$0[space]. This made the spacebar behave normally inside  
parentheses unless they were empty, which is what I wanted.

The problem: I noticed this morning that by adding the  
"meta.parentheses" scope to a particular Language Grammar, I wasn't  
getting updates for that language (my local modified copy taking  

Now, I probably set this up prior to when TextMate started storing  
things as deltas. Is it possible that if I duplicate the change, I  
will still see updates to the grammar in the future with my delta  

Or perhaps a better question: I had added my new scope to the PHP  
grammar, but I'd really like the behavior in all "text" and "source"  
contexts. My searching of the archives led me to some discussions of  
applying a snippet to all scopes, but how can I add a scope to all  
languages (without missing out on updates)?



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