[TxMt] Recreating bbinclude in TextMate?

Ken Anderson kena at cs.colorado.edu
Tue Aug 1 21:53:00 UTC 2006


After a quick search of the TextMate Wiki and archives of this list,  
I am writing to ask about TextMate's ability to support a useful  
feature related to BBEdit's support for creating websites.

In particular, BBEdit has a feature called "bbinclude" that allows  
one to insert statements like

<!-- #bbinclude "footer.html" -->
<!-- end bbinclude -->

into an HTML file. You can then "update" the host file and BBEdit  
pulls in the text from the referenced file and includes it in the  
host file.

For instance, my footer.html file looks like this:

         <div id="footer">
             <p>© Kenneth M. Anderson, 1998-#YEARNUM#.</p>
             <p>Last Updated: #SHORTDATE#; #TIME#</p>

and when I run the update command, it generates text like this:

<!-- #bbinclude "footer.html" -->
         <div id="footer">
             <p>© Kenneth M. Anderson, 1998-2006.</p>
             <p>Last Updated: 08/01/06; 3:43 PM</p>
<!-- end bbinclude -->

I love TextMate and use it for a variety of tasks, including the  
creation of HTML pages, BUT, I miss BBEdit's bbinclude functionality.

Is there anyway to recreate this functionality in TextMate? I'm  
currently using simple snippets with tab triggers to mimic a portion  
of this functionality but sometimes I'd like to update multiple  
sections of an HTML file at once and tab-triggered snippets are not  
sufficient to address that need. In addition, I'd love to have the  
ability to update all the HTML files contained within a TextMate  
project  with one command. Possible?

Suggestions / feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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