[TxMt] Some feature requests

Frédérik Bilhaut poubelle at xineo.net
Mon Sep 26 15:14:50 UTC 2005

Hi !

Thanks all for your answers. So I will look again at TM when it  
reaches 1.3.

Just a few comments :

>> - I need some way to close XML tags automatically with the easyiest
>> possible keystroke. For some reason, the shortcut for this feature
>> does not work on my system (Tiger on iBook G4 and latest version of
>> TextMate)
>     command-alt-shift-; (on a French keyboard)  does not work?  
> Seems to
> me that on my old B&W G3 under Tiger it works regardless of the  
> kind of
> document edited in TM.

I confirm that this does not work on my system. What's strange about  
that is that when I hit this keystroke, the "Automation" menu  
actually blinks, as if one of its items was activated, but nothing  
more happens. But when I select the item in the menu using the mouse,  
it works... As far as I remember I saw in another thread that this  
may be due to some kind of conflict with a LateX-related shortcut.

> I have never used an editor that indented soft-wrapped lines. I  
> would think that would be annoying because the editor would control  
> the indentation, not you.

I'm talking about *soft* wrapping, so this is just a matter of  
display. For me this feature offers a very clear view of text- 
oriented XML documents (see screenshot attached).

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Best regards,
Fr?d?rik Bilhaut
GREYC - Universit? de Caen
Campus II - Sciences 3 - Bureau 385

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