[TxMt] strange keyboard bug (?)

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sun Sep 25 20:00:32 UTC 2005

On 25/09/2005, at 21.44, Andreas Wahlin wrote:

> I don't know when it happens, but it seems to just kick in after a  
> while. Anyway, some keyboard shurtcuts stop to work, and when I go  
> in and try to reassign them just to see what happens, a "cirlce" is  
> inserted behind the shortcut, a picture will say more than I ever  
> can explain.

That circle would indicate that the numeric key pad modifier is down  
-- the Mac keyboard has no such thing, but sends the modifier with  
(some) of the numeric key pad keys (and the movement keys), and I try  
to circle these.

Is there a toggle on your USB keyboard? if so, the problem is likely  
just then, that the toggle is pressed.

Actually I do handle this better in recent builds [1], by ignoring  
the modifier when the pressed key has it, but not when the required  
key has it. I.e. setting an action to num pad 1 will only work for  
the num pad 1 key, but setting it to 1 will work with both the 1 key  
and the num pad 1 key.

If you do have the toggle on yuor keyboard, I'd like to know if it  
does work better for recent builds (which you can downlaod w/o  
needing to do anything fancy besides replacing TextMate.app).

[1] http://get.textmate.org

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