[TxMt] strange keyboard bug (?)

Andreas Wahlin andreaswahlin at bredband.net
Sun Sep 25 19:44:44 UTC 2005

I don't know when it happens, but it seems to just kick in after a  
while. Anyway, some keyboard shurtcuts stop to work, and when I go in  
and try to reassign them just to see what happens, a "cirlce" is  
inserted behind the shortcut, a picture will say more than I ever can  

it seems my keyboard sends in this very weird thing, which only  
affects textmate. I have version 1.17beta (the latest beta released a  
while back, not the latest latest, and I do nothing cvs fancy or  
anything, I download from the main page every once in a while).
I run tiger 10.4.2, on a powerbook, but I have an old "pc" ps/2 type  
keyboard hooked up through a ps2->usb converter.
Since you'll probably ask me this, I'm gonna try with the built in  
powerbook keyboard now.

The powerbook keyboard seems not affected, and when I pull out and  
replace the usb cable it seems the problem disappears. Interesting to  
note is also that
does not produce
but instead

so in the end, I guess it's related to my converter somehow, but now  
you all know for the future :)


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