[TxMt] HTML Wrap selection as link-snippet is slow

Peter Vohmann pvohmann at mac.com
Wed Sep 21 09:27:02 UTC 2005

Hi there,

When I hit Control-Shift-L to wrap my selection into an (A href=...)  
TextMate takes a beachball timeout of 40 (fourty!) seconds, and when  
it returns the href-part is empty.

What's up, is it just me?

If so, is there another easy way to make links?

For reminders, I'm using tm 1.1b17, and this is the snippet content:

> <a href="${1:`
>    # if the clipboard contains a single line, let's use that
>    if [[ $(pbpaste|wc -l) -eq 0 ]]
>       then pbpaste|sed 's/&/&/g'
>       else echo http://site.com/
>    fi
> `}">${TM_SELECTED_TEXT:Link text...}</a>

Looks fine to me, assuming there's a real shell behind. For  
discussion let's say my clipboard contains two lines of code, i.e. it  
isn't huge.


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