[TxMt] addittion to JavaScript bundle

Gavin Kistner Gavin.Kistner at refinery.com
Mon Sep 19 22:11:54 UTC 2005

FWIW, I would request that core JS methods be kept separate from HTML-JS-DOM specific bindings.
To be clear, clientX, et al are not in the core JS language, but rather are properties of objects exposed by HTML user agents. For a list of ECMAScript-specific objects, properties and methods, see
http://phrogz.net/ObjJob/properties.asp?langID=4 <http://phrogz.net/ObjJob/properties.asp?langID=4http://phrogz.net/ObjJob/objects.asp?langID=4> 

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While poking around there I found some other things that should be 
added (?)

for support.constant.js

for support.function.js

and support.function.event-handler.js should, I think, be made to 
ignore case.

It would be cool if the one thing after styl. could be somehow me 
matched to the css rules ...

er ... somethnig like this?

         {    name = "support.constant.js";
             begin = "\\.\\b(style)\\.";
             end = "\\s*";
             captures = { 1 = { name = "support.constant.js"; }; };
             patterns = (
                 {    include = "#tag-stuff"; },
                 {    begin = "\\.";
                     end = "\\s*";
                     patterns = ( { include = "source.css"; } );


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