[TxMt] Tabs / Spaces preferences per filetype / bundle

Shanti Braford shantibraford at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 08:24:18 UTC 2005

Hey all,

I'm new to the list but had a real quick question that's been driving me crazy.

Here's my initial salvo & response regarding this issue:

Pretty much, I've tried that.  Hunted down answers on the #TextMate
channel and still haven't figured out how to get this working to my
little tab-space hearts desire.

As of now, I cannot get the Tab key to produce spaces, regardless, in
my Ruby files, even when the "Preferences > Editor uses spaces instead
of tabs" box is checked.

I had previously followed the advice from the link above (adding
softTabs, etc. entries in the Bundle Editor) but nothing I added made
any difference.  The advice was also not clear on where exactly to add
the preference items in the existing Bundle preferences, or to create
new ones, or what.

Any help would be much obliged.

On a more positive note, I love TextMate.  Like others, I'm new to OS
X and was turned on to TextMate / OS X by fellow Ruby on Rails




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