[TxMt] POLL: Request a Theme!

Andreas Wahlin andreaswahlin at bredband.net
Sun Sep 11 20:47:56 UTC 2005

Great! I'll just request stuff and then it happen, I love that :)
> -----
> Who uses what theme in textMate?

I use the Mac Classic theme, possibly slightly modified, but not by  

> What themes have you used from previous systems or applications?
>         visual studio? dreamweaver? bbedit? foo.app?
>         Do you like them?

Dreamweaver and BBedit ... and TurboPascal/TurboC back in the good  
old days (the DOS one with blue background and yellow text).
I like Dreamweavers ability to colour forms differently, but  
otherwise I think it's a bit lacking. I liked BBedits HTML theme, but  
it was severely lacking in javascript (which I use quite a lot).
I'd be quite happy with a "buffed" BBedit theme actually, now that I  
think about it, you sent me one once I think, switching now ... hmmm,  
well that was quite ok actually. Will be keeping this (instead of Mac  
Classic) :)

> Do you like black backgrounds? Do you like colored backgrounds?

I HATE coloured backgrounds. It must be all white, or possibly just  
slightly grayish (at lowest 245, 245, 245) to blend in good with the  
other environment.

> Do you hate excessive use of background colors? ...for the  
> page? ...for individual elements?

Yes, yes and yes again just to be on the safe side. I could possibly  
agree to just a slight colour tint for the background, something  
you'd hardly notice but that would (?) be recognized unconsciously  
once you've gotten used to the theme.

> Do you like high contrast? Do you prefer lower contrast?

Don't really have a preference.

> Do you like having a bunch of different colors or would you prefer  
> one with shades of only a few colors?

I like "bundles" of colour, say you have one hue for tag name, then  
you have very different hues for attributes, then again different  
hues for strings/constants.

> What colors do you like? Please give examples.

I like blue and purple ... hehe, like apples folders (smart and  

> Do you have synisthesia? Are certain elements 'supposed' to be a  
> certain color?

I don't know why, but it feels like html-tags should be blue and  
strings should be not necesserily red, but in that direction.

> What languages do you want to have colored?

The web stuff; html, javascript, css and php.

> Do you want different languages to have different colors?

Not necessery.

> Please provide example screen shots (or links to them to keep from  
> clogging the list) if at all possible.

It's supposed to be used in white on black (command+control+option 
+8), and will then be wonderfully retro-monochrome.
You might think about using such reverse themes, cus sometimes I like  
to kick inot that mode, at least I have an idea that it's easier on  
the eyes when coding for long, and you don't have to look at pictures  
or anything. It was made mostly as an experiment, and has only two  
colour, but I've been thinking on expanding it with perhaps blue and  
yellow as well, and different hues of that.

> Thank you for 'enabling' my habit   ;D

Thank you for making themes.


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