[TxMt] POLL: Request a Theme!

thomas Aylott thomas.42 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 15:57:25 UTC 2005

Hello, my name is Thomas.
And I am addicted to making textMate themes.
Please feed my addiction by suggesting theme ideas.

I have been told that my themes make peoples eyes bleed. They are  
obviously of limited use, therefore.

If people seriously want a certain theme, I WILL make it (eventually).
I've got a process down now that's really quick.


Who uses what theme in textMate?
What themes have you used from previous systems or applications?
         visual studio? dreamweaver? bbedit? foo.app?
         Do you like them?

Do you want an 'expert designer' to tell you what you should like?  
<insert canned laughter here>
Do you have bad taste and should be ignored? <again.. haha>

Do you like black backgrounds? Do you like colored backgrounds?
Do you hate excessive use of background colors? ...for the  
page? ...for individual elements?

Do you like high contrast? Do you prefer lower contrast?
Do you like having a bunch of different colors or would you prefer  
one with shades of only a few colors?
What colors do you like? Please give examples.
Do you have synisthesia? Are certain elements 'supposed' to be a  
certain color?

What languages do you want to have colored?
Do you want different languages to have different colors?

Please provide example screen shots (or links to them to keep from  
clogging the list) if at all possible.

Thank you for 'enabling' my habit   ;D

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