[TxMt] Theme Changing Shortcut with Scope

Andreas Wahlin andreaswahlin at bredband.net
Sat Sep 10 14:52:20 UTC 2005

That's a pretty good idea, don't know if I'll like it in the ned but  
it sounds good!
I hope you share all your theme work, I haven't found one I really  
like yet, and I suppose all I can suggest in terms of colour are  
white/grayish constant backgrounds and then not to bright in the  
other colours, boring perahps :)


On Sep 10, 2005, at 16:25 , thomas Aylott wrote:

> Howdy.
> I'd like to be ability to change themes just like I change languages.
> Shortcut key for 1 or many. Scope based.
> I'm developing themes for different kinds of things.
> Say i'm developing an ASP.NET page with html, javascript, css &  
> embedded ASP.
> I'd like to define themes that show more detail in the language  
> that I'm working in and wash out the colors of everything else.
> EG:
> select an HTML tag, hit cmd-opt-shift-option-numpad_5... shebang!  
> asp, javascript & css fade & html tags pop!
> select embedded ruby within the string of an html attribute, cmd- 
> opt-shift-option-numpad_5... sheboom! everything fades & embedded  
> ruby pops!
> OH, yeah!!!
> PS: i'll be sharing more wacky themes soon-ish.
> If anyone has any suggestions for color palettes, please let me  
> know. I'm itching for some code sweetness.
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