[TxMt] Patch for Tcl Syntax

Oscar Bonilla ob at bitmover.com
Thu Sep 8 22:51:02 UTC 2005

Ah, much better. Thank you Alan. I've already updated and it looks good.

One other question though... inside strings, if I use the brackets to  
embed code, should I see syntax highlighting?

What I mean is that if I have:

     set code "embed some code [set foo bar]"

Should the embedded 'set' be the same color as the first 'set'? If I  
do the Ctrl-Shift-P while inside the brackets, I see the right  
scopes: {source.tcl, string.quoted.double.tcl, source.tcl.embedded},  
and I see from the bundle that source.tcl.embedded includes  
source.tcl, so my hunch is that yeah, I both sets should be the same  
color... is that so?

On Sep 8, 2005, at 3:31 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 08/09/2005, at 23.50, Oscar Bonilla wrote:
>> Here's a patch that fixes a problem with syntax highlighting in Tcl.
>> [...]
> I've applied it to the grammar on the svn repository. I made the  
> variable pattern:
>    \$([a-zA-Z]+|\{[a-zA-Z ]*\})
> So it does match spaces, when using the bracket form.
> btw: seeing how many have subscribed to the appcast, I figured I  
> should mention that the bundle repository also has a change log  
> available via RSS: http://macromates.com/svnlog/bundles.rss  
> (changes made to bundles are rarely/never mentioned in the release  
> notes).
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