[TxMt] Regex Zero-width positive lookbehind

thomas Aylott thomas.42 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 16:05:23 UTC 2005

I can't figure out how to make Zero-width positive lookbehind regex  
patterns work right.

The basic example i'm trying to do is a pattern that will match  
everything within quotes, but not the quote marks themselves.
the closest I've been able to get to kindof work is:
         This is obviously sub-optimal.

The pattern that i'd use if ZWPL worked would be:

Does your regex parser support ZWPL?
Is there something else I can use that will imitate this function  
using Zero-width positive lookAHEAD?
Are you planning on adding support for ZWPL?

There are a number of things that I'd like to use ZWPL for.
         I could match all words following the word DIM without  
matching the DIM, for example.

APPENDIX: Zero-width positive lookbehind. Matches at a position to  
the left of which text appears. Since regular expressions cannot be  
applied backwards, the test inside the lookbehind can only be plain  
text. Some regex flavors allow alternation of plain text options in  
the lookbehind.

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