[TxMt] word completion lookup

Caio Chassot k at v2studio.com
Tue Sep 6 14:08:10 UTC 2005

>> That would be most excellent.  In addition, it'd be really nice if 
>> TextMate had the option to look in other files in the project -- for 
>> example, the completion of a function from another file.
> I have wanted this since TextMate was first introduced.  It's probably 
> my top wish to have!

I think I want it too, though not so badly, but there's a downside to 
it: you begin getting too many options. I had this problem with jedit 
all the time.

But if we make a trimmed list, with only the more common or long-named 
methods, not, for example, the entire ruby library, it'll certainly be 

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