[TxMt] Textile plugin and/or Textpattern bundle?

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Sep 1 11:42:21 UTC 2005

On 01/09/2005, at 9.18, Oli wrote:

> Also has anyone got Textile working for Web Preview pipe-through?  
> I've tried playing with Textile.pm and redcloth, but there's some  
> wrapper script voodoo I'm missing or something. I also can't seem  
> to find a Textile.rb that the Textile bundle refers to

Yes, both textile.pm and RedCloth needs a wrapper script, I'm almost  
certain that Textile.rb was supposed to be one for the latter, but  
David Powers forgot to add it (to the textile bundle commit).

I tried to search for a simple textile -> XHTML script/command, but  
it seems just about everything is created with the goal of being  
embedded in something else. The closest I got was textile.py [1].  
Though I had to change the last line to this (for it to be used as a  

     print textile(sys.stdin.read(), encoding='utf-8', output='utf-8')

Though as an HTML preview filter it may be of limited use, since  
converting a single word takes almost a second on my 2.5 GHz G5. But  
at least it can do textile to XHTML :)

[1] http://dealmeida.net/code/textile-2.0.10.tar.gz

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