[TxMt] LaTeX diplaymath mode problems

Charilaos Skiadas cskiadas at uchicago.edu
Sun Nov 6 23:56:18 UTC 2005

On Nov 6, 2005, at 5:23 PM, Brad Miller wrote:

> or (the following does not seem to be well documented, but appears  
> to work)
>   $$ dispalyed math equation $$
Hm, I have to admit I find this statement very surprising. It is  
extremely well documented in the TeXbook:
I guess this might be the difference: That this is the way to do it  
in TeX, but not in LaTeX. Anyway...
> I don't think there is any difference between equation* and  
> displaymath but I could be wrong...
Well, I guess the question here would be, if you redefine one of the  
two, does that redefine the other as well? I dunno, I'm afraid I  
don't have a very deep knowledge of LaTeX either.

> I think for purposes of scoping in TextMate we ought to treat them  
> all the same.
I agree.

Upon further investigation of my file, the problem seems to be that  
all this falls also under the scope of meta.function.with-arg.tex,  
since it happens within the scope of a \comment{ command. If I close  
this command before the displaymath part, then it works fine. So this  
is not a problem simply to do with the math scopes.

> Brad

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