[TxMt] old colour schemes

Mats Persson mats at imediatec.co.uk
Thu Jun 23 20:47:41 UTC 2005

On 23/06/2005, at 11:36 PM, James Hill wrote:
>     Just updated to textmate 1.1b13, and I no longer have the  
> beautiful colour scheme, is there anyway i can get the old colour  
> schemes back, with the new version.. I need help, i know it's  
> finicky but i find it really hard to develop in anything but that  
> scheme, and it's partly why i purchased textmate to begin with.

I'm not entirely sure what colour scheme it is that you are/were  
using, but I would guess you were using the "saturated colours on  
black background" theme that was default in Ruby in b5. If so, you  
should select "Colorset: All Hallow's Eve" in the Theme Editor and  
you should be back on track. There are other alternatives though  
which might be better.

Please note, in b13 you can easily edit the colour schemes to the way  
you like them, so that might also be an option for you.

On 23 Jun 2005, at 15:12, James Hill wrote:
> For now, I've just reverted back to 1.1b5, which was the last  
> version before colour schemes i think, and has the colour scheme  
> that i like for ruby editing.

Hmm, going back to 1.1b5 seems  a bit drastic in my book.

However, in the recent move from b12 to b13 there may be some  
temporary colour display issues due to Allan changing various naming  
conventions, but forgot (?) to add/change those in the ColorSettings:  

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