[TxMt] New user, feeling lost

Ernest Obusek eobusek at bellatlantic.net
Fri Jun 17 17:40:25 UTC 2005

Thanks for the pointer to the manual.  Did I totally overlook this  
somehow?  If so I apologize.  I'm really enjoying the app so far.   
Vim was driving me crazy and I needed something new.

About auto-saving, it's not that I see.  When I switch away from the  
program, and then switch back, the busy cursor comes up and it is  
doing something but I am not sure what.  Maybe checking to see if the  
file changed and should be reloaded?  For me that is slow but I can  
understand that this is desired behavior.



On Jun 17, 2005, at 1:34 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On Jun 17, 2005, at 19:30, Ernest Obusek wrote:
>> I can't find any docs that tell me know to do the cool stuff shown  
>> on the TextMate website.  Like I want to edit a block of text and  
>> make a change on the first line repeat in the following lines.   
>> How do I do this?
>> How do I select text by column?
> http://macromates.com:3000/read/chapter/7

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