[TxMt] New user, feeling lost

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Jun 17 17:34:38 UTC 2005

On Jun 17, 2005, at 19:30, Ernest Obusek wrote:

> I can't find any docs that tell me know to do the cool stuff shown  
> on the TextMate website.  Like I want to edit a block of text and  
> make a change on the first line repeat in the following lines.  How  
> do I do this?
> How do I select text by column?


> Why isn't this info easier to find?

Because no-one has made it easier to find.

> Also, the app seems to be autosaving.  Is there a way to turn this  
> off (I'm on a slow link).

It doesn't auto-save, unless you run one of the commands which are  
set to autosave before executing.

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