[TxMt] Huge delay in TextMate 1.1b12

Charilaos Skiadas skiadas at math.uchicago.edu
Mon Jun 13 20:58:16 UTC 2005

On Jun 13, 2005, at 3:14 PM, Christopher Petrilli wrote:

> On 6/13/05, Charilaos Skiadas <skiadas at math.uchicago.edu> wrote:
>> The above line by itself is not a problem, so, if you could send us 
>> the
>> entire file, I'll try to have a look at it.
> Unfortunately, I can't, but the file is only 206 lines, as it is a
> .sty file that modifies the memoir package. Nothing complex.

I am not really familiar with the syntax for sty files. Is it exactly 
the same as the latex syntax, or is anything different? Can you maybe 
create a small sample demonstrating the problem? I just tried opening 
pdfsync.sty and adding the line you mentioned at a couple random 
locations, but it worked fine, so there is something else in the 
context that causes trouble.
>> How big is the document? Are the lines very long? Have you checked out
>> the latest revision?
> 206 lines, nope, all under 80 characters, and yes.
> The funny thing is that TeXshop colors it correctly, so it might be
> worth looking at what they do.

Unfortunately recursion is not perfect in TextMate yet, so there are 
some things that are hard to implement perfectly at this point, and 
nested commands, though partially supported, are not perfect at this 
point. This might be what is causing the problems in your case, or it 
might be irrelevant, but it seems that sty files tend to have lots of 
nested commands. I personally don't work with sty files, and I think 
the same is true of the others maintaining the latex bundle, so the 
patterns for commands might not be ideal at this point for sty use. 
I'll take a look at the command matching pattern, but given that I 
didn't write it in the first place it's hard to see what the problem is 
without some test cases. So as I said above, if you can generate a 
small test case that shows exactly where the problem is, it would be 
very helpful.

Can you tell us the scope on each of the parts of the line you 
mentioned earlier, i.e. what the scopes of
\newcommand, \tla, 1, \scshape, \MakeLowercase and #1 are, in your 
> Chris

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