[TxMt] Speed problem

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Jun 10 19:00:48 UTC 2005

On Jun 10, 2005, at 16:48, Vincent Isambart wrote:

> My computer is a 800 MHz iBook G4 with 640 MB of RAM. Yes, it's not
> top notch but I think TextMate should be able to work at a decent
> speed.

There does seem to be some speed issues still -- though it's not a  
parsing issue but seems to be related to actual text rendering (fast  
text rendering on OS X is really a black art, mostly on low-end  
systems though).

Unfortunatly (sort of) I don't have the problem on my own system,  
which makes it difficult to really examine what's to blame, but from  
emailing test versions to less fortunate users I sort of have it  
narrowed down.

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