[TxMt] Understanding Bundles and the b12 update

Charilaos Skiadas skiadas at math.uchicago.edu
Thu Jun 9 19:20:06 UTC 2005

On Jun 9, 2005, at 1:54 PM, Mark Lawrence wrote:

> I've downloaded and installed 1.1b12. Seeing that the list of 
> languages was rather skimpy (in particular, no Perl or Python), I 
> followed the instructions on the TM Wiki to checkout the complete set 
> of bundles from the Subversion repository. They are now sitting in 
> /Library/Application\ Support/TextMate. Also following the Wiki's 
> suggestion, I trashed the Bundles folder in the TextMate.app package. 
> Upon restarting TM, I see more languages in the View/Language submenu, 
> but not nearly as many as there are tmbundles in the Bundles folder. I 
> certainly don't need most of them, but I'd like to know why they're 
> not showing up.

If you open the Bundle editor, there is a button in the bottom saying 
"Change filtering...". Click there and you can customize which bundles 
you want to appear, and which not.

> Also, is it appropriate to trash the Settings and Support folders in 
> TextMate.app now that I have copies in /Library/Application\ 
> Support/TextMate?

I'll let someone else answer this, since I don't know the answer, but 
you can always try and see. :-)
> --
> Mark Lawrence
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