[TxMt] Window persistency (was Just came here ...)

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Mon Jul 25 11:45:30 UTC 2005

On 24/07/2005, at 22.56, Andreas Wahlin wrote:

>> It's going to be de-centralized, and it's going to use filesystem  
>> metadata. It's just that there was no way to do that before Tiger,  
>> ignoring here deprecated resource forks.
> Does that mean it's coming?


> I tried project thing, but the windows don't seem to keep their  
> individual positions onscreen when I "open in new window".

I only meant the actual project window, which files were open (in  
tabs), selection/position in these files, drawer size etc.

> Also, whether I have soft wrap on or off does not get saved either.

Well, that's because I placed file type specific settings in the  
included Source and Text bundles. I'll remove these for 1.1b16, since  
everybody thinks it's a bug...

> [...] I should perhaps try to motivate it a bit.
> I have many different applications (obviously), and all apps work a  
> bit different. I don't want to learn a file navigator for each and  
> every application that I use. Instead, I have the Finder which is  
> my universal file handling utility.

I doubt you'll convince many here that the Finder is a good project  
manager ;)

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