[TxMt] Window persistency (was Just came here ...)

Andreas Wahlin andreaswahlin at bredband.net
Sun Jul 24 20:04:06 UTC 2005

Why not? BBedit does it so it can't be impossible at least, many  
programs remember their windows settings... every finder window  
remembers it's settings (though that gets stored in the .DS_store  
file I suppose). And it should really be centralised I think if the  
files are to be distributed to people, even though I know that  
doesen't seem to be the mac way (embedding images in mp3 files ala  
iTunes artwork is probably THE stupidest data handling I've ever seen)


On Jul 24, 2005, at 21:56 , Sune Foldager wrote:

> On 24/07/2005, at 18.36, Andreas Wahlin wrote:
>> [...] but I'd really want some database somewhere with lots of  
>> windows settings.
> I doubt that will happen, but with metadata something similar could  
> be done, with the data distributed instead of centralized — the Mac  
> way :-).
> -- Sune.
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