[TxMt] Feature requests

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sun Jul 10 21:51:14 UTC 2005

On 10/07/2005, at 22.02, Dylan Smith wrote:

> 1. Double-click on folder name should expand folder

Not sure if by “expand” you mean “descend into”. Cause that's what I  
plan for the future.

> 2. Standard keyboard shortcuts.

Probably you want Finder shortcuts :) TextMate uses the Cocoa outline  
view, and thus the “standard” (according to Cocoa at least) keys for  
navigation. That means arrow left to expand a group, return to  
“click” it, space to rename (okay, this “standard” is from IB and  

As for first-letter navigation, try cmd-T and you probably won't have  
a need for the project drawer anymore ;)

> Thanks for a great product. As a recent switcher I honestly feel  
> TextMate is one of the big advantages of using a Mac.

Thanks! :)

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