[TxMt] Feature Idea: Photoshop/Safari-style drag navigation

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sun Jul 10 16:17:29 UTC 2005

On 08/07/2005, at 23.54, Jonathan Ragan-Kelley wrote:

> I recently discovered that Safari supports simple drag navigation
> around large pages rather [...] by simply holding ctrl and moving  
> the mouse

Control brings up a context menu here. Tried all other modifiers as  
well. Sure this isn't a 3rd party extension?

> I've been finding, however, that I'm so attached to this mode of
> navigation when reading in Safari that I'm constantly subconsciously
> trying to do it in all sorts of other apps.

Tell me about it, under Panther I was using uControl which gave a  
virtual scroll wheel (by holding down ctrl-option and moving the  
mouse), unfortunately that kernel-ext. broke with the release of  
Tiger, and it took a long time to get rid of the habbit, especially  
since uControl also simulated a horizontal scroll wheel (which turns  
out to be much more useful than vertical scrolling, since many  
applications neglect to map keys to horizontal scrolling).

> [...] It's particularly great for trackpad (or wacom tablet) use.

As for trackpad, doesn't Apple support scroll wheel simulation when  
using both fingers on the trackpad and moving these up/down (I think  
it needs to be enabled, don't have a trackpad myself)?

> Far from super-high priority, but at least worth a brief thought, as
> it's probably not the most challenging bit of polish to add.

I'd prefer it as a system-wide patch (was hoping that uControl could  
got updated to Tiger).

Personally though, I scroll using cmd-option-ctrl cursor keys in  
TextMate (which scroll the buffer w/o moving the caret). Of course  
conformance between apps would be desired.

I have this in my DefaultKeybinding.dict [1]:

     "^~@\UF700" = "scrollLineUp:";
     "^~@\UF701" = "scrollLineDown:";
     "^~@\UF702" = "scrollColumnLeft:";
     "^~@\UF703" = "scrollColumnRight:";

So it also works in Mail etc.

[1] http://macromates.com/blog/archives/2005/07/05/key-bindings-for- 

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