[TxMt] encryption command advice for TM "journal"

Paul Nordstrom August paul at archivistes.com
Sat Feb 26 14:15:49 UTC 2005

I had been using Jotz (until it became Bloatz), then MacJournal and 
tried DevonThink (which I may still purchase--it's pretty cool). But 
since I have TM open all the time anyway I have an "info" project where 
I store various bits of data. There's no RTF or images but I can live 
without them and I like the portability of plain text.

What I would like is an on-the-fly encryption -- i.e. select the text 
and run a command to encrypt it (with a pre-set password). Then I could 
store bank data etc securely.

Any tips on how this might be done? I know there is command-line 
encryption of various kinds but I'm not sure how I could store a 
password w/in TM for global use.


PS looking forward to the new PHP bundle!

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