[TxMt] Refreshing the project drawer

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sat Feb 26 10:27:00 UTC 2005

On Feb 25, 2005, at 14:51, Bjoern Wolf wrote:

> i am new to the list and have some problem with TextMate using version 
> 1.1b5.
> Sometimes the project drawer collapses the view i.e. when i update my 
> local repository from a subversion module which i added to the drawer.
> Is this a known bug and will this be fixed in the future?

Yes, this is a known problem -- the problem is when the contents of a 
folder reference is updated outside TextMate and TM loses track of 
which disk folders corresponds to items in the project drawer (then it 
just resets state for what appears as new items).

In the future I'm most likely going to keep the state of folder 
references in hidden files. While I don't really like this, I think 
it's the only way to get the robustness that most expect, and it's also 
how the Finder does.

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