[TxMt] outlining braces

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Feb 18 15:28:54 UTC 2005

On Feb 18, 2005, at 16:14, Torsten Becker wrote:

> So what I would like to see is this behavior:
> When you have a smart typing pair and place the cursor behind or
> before on of its parts TM should highlight the opposing part in a
> different color. (color should be adjustable)
> This would solve the problem I have ATM, because I don't like it to
> move the cursor back and forward always to see the other end.

I actually read that and did think it was a good idea. But judging from 
the archive, I didn't reply... ;)

> I know that this probably could make some work but I really would like 
> to see it this way [...]

Currently I'm holding back on visual changes because I wish to change 
my entire rendering model.

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