[TxMt] [Feature request] Code auto-indenting

Tom Lazar tom at tomster.org
Mon Feb 14 15:58:29 UTC 2005

On 14.02.2005, at 16:51, Ben Jackson wrote:

> Don't know if this is a feature yet (?), I haven't found anything like 
> it in the docs or in the menus...
> In jEdit I used a feature all the time that auto-indented my code 
> blocks by pressng TAB. Is this available already, and if not, any 
> plans for future releases?

i second this!

and related to this i'd like to see a function 'indent according to 
current mode' which would be extremely useful when editing code created 
by someone else/with another tool.

just my $0.02,

best regards,

Tom Lazar, http://tomster.org

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