[TxMt] Newbie folding property list q's

Experiments experiments at verizon.net
Fri Feb 11 23:24:07 UTC 2005

Just downloaded TextMate today after searching high and low for a text 
editor for OS X that has folding.  I didn't realize it was a such a 
sought-after but generally unavailable feature.  I've been hand-coding 
in Dreamweaver, which i like for its auto-complete and hints, but 
beyond that I haven't really had much luck marrying HTML and PHP in its 

Anyway, to my questions, and thanks for bearing with me as I explore 
Text Mate, which looks great.  If it's as good as I think it's going to 
be, I'll gladly pony up cash for TM.

As far as I can tell, Text Mate won't "remember" code blocks that 
you've marked for folding unless you change something in the plist 
files with the respective syntax bundles.  Yes?  (I was surprised that 
I could fold up lots of code, save the file, and then lose all of my 
foldings when I reoped the file.  At first I thought this was because I 
hadn't put the file into a project and saved the whole project.)

Anyway, I basically have no idea what I'm doing.  Is there some easy 
way of specifying the the opening and closing expressions for folding?  
Does this require that you have a good understanding of regular 

I started out viewing my code with HTML (PHP) syntax, which 
automatically recognizes some tag structures.  When I switched to PHP 
syntax, which I like better, it doesn't seem to recognize anything at 
all.  How does one add or modify the plist information so that TM will 
"remember" that I folded blocks such as:


or even



Thanks for any help you can provide.  Sorry to be so verbose.


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