[TxMt] Latex in Beta 5

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Feb 11 19:52:52 UTC 2005

On Feb 11, 2005, at 14:44, Brad Miller wrote:

> Something is fishy, because Latex isn't even showing up in my bundle 
> list.
> Its there in /Applications/TextMate.app/...
> What is worse is that TextMate deleted the Latex.tmbundle directory 
> from my own ~/Library/Applications Support/TextMate/Bundles directory.
> I've tried twice now:
> quit TM,
> svn update my Bundles directory (Latex.tmbundle is there),
> restart TM (no latex in bundle list)
> Quit TM no more Latex.tmbundle in bundles directory.

If you delete a bundle in the bundle editor which is among one of the 
default bundles, TextMate will remember that you wanted that bundle 
deleted, so that when a new version of TextMate is released, the bundle 
will still be deleted.

I will change it so that this setting gets cleared if it finds the 
bundle in a local location later (rather than delete the local one, 
which was I scenario I didn't consider, sorry) -- I think this is what 
went wrong here (and that's why deleting your preferences solved the 
problem, since that's where it keeps the list of deleted bundles).

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