[TxMt] TextMate friendly FTP clients --NB Fugu

Ollivier Robert roberto+textmate at keltia.freenix.fr
Wed Feb 9 11:27:17 UTC 2005

According to Eric Hsu:
> I used to think the 'Edit in TM' option of an FTP client was pretty 
> useless, but I've been using it a lot more than I would have thought.

Speaking of which, when I use pom-J to edit the remote file, when I close
the TM window, file doesn't get uploaded :(  Is there anything I should do?

Using Fugu 1.1.
Ollivier ROBERT -=- FreeBSD: The Power to Serve! -=- roberto at keltia.freenix.fr
Darwin snuadh.freenix.org Kernel Version 7.7.0: Sun Nov  7 16:06:51 PST 2004

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