[TxMt] Re: Export selected text to HTML?

Chris Ruzin cruzin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 22:23:15 UTC 2005

I have now put together a bundle that will enable you to export selected
text as either HTML or XHTML.  It uses the source-highlight utility that
Xavier pointed out.  It's not foolproof though.  A single quote in a
commented line in a Perl document screwed up the result in one test, but
there's nothing I can do about that.

This is my first attempt at a TM bundle, so go easy on me.  Try it out and
let me know if it works.  I've tested it with C, C++, Perl, PHP and Ruby
files and except for the above mentioned mistake, everything worked.

Thanks to Allan, Eric and Xavier for their help.

You can get it here:


- Chris

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