[TxMt] Please add a feature similar to BBEdit's "Balance"

Eric Curtis ecurtis at rgbdesignstudio.com
Fri Feb 4 01:23:33 UTC 2005

> For those of you who have not used it, BBEdit amid all bloat actually 
> has a few useful features.  One extremely useful feature is the 
> "Balance" command.  It simple creates a selection that extends from 
> the beginning of a markup tag (ie. "<div>"), brace (ie "{"), or 
> bracket (ie "[") to the closing markup tag, brace, or bracket.  The 
> most important part is that it accurately accounts for nesting.  This 
> feature seems expendable on perfected code, but it is a life saver 
> when you have several nested control structures and you have forgotten 
> a closing brace.  It is also very useful when trying to make sense of 
> Microsoft-proofed HTML with several nested divs and no whitespace.

This balance idea sounds really helpful. Today I ran across an HTML bug 
for an early version of IE that required me to delete all the spaces 
between tags and basically run a huge block of images together. This 
has been a royal pain to decipher. If there was an easy way to both 
highlight it and have it automatically balance out (add spaces and 
returns) and then re-compress it I would have done it about 10 times 

Eric C

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