[TxMt] Please add a feature similar to BBEdit's "Balance"

Bruno Bronosky BrunosJunk at Bronosky.com
Fri Feb 4 00:24:15 UTC 2005

For those of you who have not used it, BBEdit amid all bloat actually 
has a few useful features.  One extremely useful feature is the 
"Balance" command.  It simple creates a selection that extends from the 
beginning of a markup tag (ie. "<div>"), brace (ie "{"), or bracket (ie 
"[") to the closing markup tag, brace, or bracket.  The most important 
part is that it accurately accounts for nesting.  This feature seems 
expendable on perfected code, but it is a life saver when you have 
several nested control structures and you have forgotten a closing 
brace.  It is also very useful when trying to make sense of 
Microsoft-proofed HTML with several nested divs and no whitespace.

The balance command can be call from the "Text" menu item, or by double 
clicking an opening or closing brace, bracket or the GT/LT of a markup 

Please add this simple feature.

Thank you,

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