[TxMt] rave

M Spreij nemo at mechintosh.com
Wed Feb 2 14:53:31 UTC 2005

Tobias Buckell wrote:
> But there is just one thing I was hoping I could include on a feature 
> request to spur me on. Full screen editing!

Hm! Very nice idea... now I'm wondering why more applications don't offer 
that, the only ones that come to mind are Photoshop, Timbuktu (and related), 
and games ofcourse..
Would be nice indeed to open a Project fullscreen, have the drawer to one 
side (where hiding it would just enlarge the editing area to 'cover' it), 
and a utilities bar at the top (just above the tabs) with 
macros/snippets/commands, syntax highlighting, etc..
I could be persuaded to make a mockup (though I'm no graphic artist so 
beware :-)



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