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Tobias Buckell tobias at tobiasbuckell.com
Wed Feb 2 03:51:09 UTC 2005

I'm truly and deeply impressed with this program. I'm working on my 
second novel, due to be turned in this September and am about 15,000 
words into it. Previously I used TextEdit to create each chapter, used 
omnioutliner to manage the chapter structure and create the outline and 
do rearranging, and then merged all the files into Word to finish it 
up, and then had to edit it.

I started the current novel using that system, then switched to a 
program called 'copywrite' which is cool, gave me some of the 
organization features combined with a basic text editor, but it's a bit 
slow when I click around quickly, and I hate having the program get in 
the way of my creative process/writing, which is why I started testing 
programs tonight to see if I could find something better. That and now 
that I've seen this program's project handling I'm deeply in love.

But there is just one thing I was hoping I could include on a feature 
request to spur me on. Full screen editing! The reason I purchased a 
copy of copywrite is that they said full screen editing would be 
coming, which is where I press a button and the program takes over the 
screen and I have nothing but text and a screen. This is the greatest 
procrastination breaker, and the only program besides copywrite that 
looks to have this feature is MacJournal. Right now I'm seriously 
considering drafting in MacJournal, then copy and pasting into 
Textmate, but man, I'd pay extra for the full screen feature, it's 
worth it.

Secondly, I've only played with this program for a few minutes, but I 
may be converting my Getting Things Done 'Next Actions' list to it and 
using documents to go to sync the plain folder text files for project 


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