[TxMt] pdfLaTeX, b4

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Wed Feb 2 00:02:23 UTC 2005

On Feb 2, 2005, at 0:39, Mr. Robert Ullrey wrote:

> [...] However, it does not load up in Shubert's plugin...

You need to have the web-view reload the page, but with the PDF as URL. 
I did this in the PDF LaTeX command by echo'ing an <meta 
http-equiv="refresh" content"file://..."> tag.

I assume it could also be done with JavaScript.

Btw: a nice feature of the plugin is that one can provide arguments, 
for example the starting page. Unfortunately there is no way to get the 
page number currently displayed by the plugin, I've written the author 
trying to persuade him to let it remember the page if it's given a 
file-id argument (so it'd just store the current page in the programs 
defaults using the file-id as key) -- but so far I haven't been 

> As for XeLaTeX, it is still using Web2c 7.5.2 so it does not work.

The current requirement of 7.5.3 was only because I was unaware that 
the options I used was for the latest build. I _think_ that instead of 
-halt-on-error one can use -interaction batchmode (though I have never 
really understood these different modes). Working directory was just to 
not clutter the folder containing the .tex file and jobtitle because I 
generate unique names for each run (and delete the temporary files 
after 30 seconds), the reason for this was that initially I had the 
command just pdflatex the current buffer (stdin) instead of working on 
an actual file (so one could preview latex w/o creating a file, like 
with HTML).

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