[TxMt] Text Encoding Support

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 16:16:28 UTC 2005

On 12/3/05, Kelvin Tse <post at ktml.net> wrote:
> Will there be more text encoding support? Like for Japanese(Shift-
> JIS), Chinese(GB-2312) or Korean? I think this issue has been bought
> up before, but it didn't get my attention until lately.

I'm pretty sure Allan has shot this down in the past, its just not
something trivial to do, and Unicode does its job perfectly well.

> I have been working on websites in different language: Chinese,
> Japanese and Korean, and it was a horrible experience. I had to add
> some pages to the existing websites, so i can't really changed all
> the text encoding to unicode. Also, I have been told that there are
> some missing characters in unicode for Japanese, so even the
> government won't use that.

The government is a terrible measure to do anything by, especially in
the world of computers.

--Robert Deaton

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