[TxMt] Bundle for Movable Type templates

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Fri Dec 2 10:29:36 UTC 2005

On 2/12/2005, at 4:49, Brad Choate wrote:

> 	- MT templates are usually HTML based templates, so I invoke the  
> HTML bundle rules too [...]
> 	<tag attribute="<$MTTag$>">
> 	The embedded mt tag is never seen.  Is there a way to handle this  
> without modifying the HTML bundle itself?

There currently is not, but the need arise from time to time, so  
eventually I'll need to add some way to inject (and override nested)  
rules in the included language grammar.

> 	- When you create a new file using one of the supplied MT file  
> templates, the syntax mode is left as HTML, not Movable Type.  Is  
> there a way to force the Movable Type syntax?

If the MT templates do not have their own extension (or can be  
matched via the firstLineMatch) then there is not. Though TextMate  
does support double-extensions in the fileTypes array for the  
language grammar, so you could e.g. suffix them with .mt.html (if  
they do need to have .html last).

> 	- I wish it were more obvious how to customize the colors for the  
> MT tags.  The user has to set these up manually.  If TextMate were  
> to scan for available scopes and at least list them as inactive in  
> the color preferences tab, that would be phenomenal.

I'm afraid there are far to many scopes for this to have any  
practical value. But somehow showing a sample and allowing the user  
to click elements to get the scope, could be a future solution.

> 	- What on earth is the key to use for the TextMate "Edit in  
> TextMate" service?

It's the enter key on the numeric keypad. Fn-return on laptops.

> I also can't make out the key shown for Ruby's "embed string  
> variable" snippet.

This one is the normal hash-mark/pound sign: # (shift 3 on US  
keymap). The snippet is scoped to only work inside Ruby strings, so  
only inside such string will # insert the snippet (which wraps the  
selection, if there is one).

> Or the key to use for the "Web Searches" bundle.

That's the Help key. I think some keyboards lack that key.

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