[TxMt] Dvorak/Querty Keyboard Layout

Alec B. Beardsley alec at osistech.com
Tue Aug 30 19:12:02 UTC 2005

I also use this same layout and have had similar problems.

On Aug 30, 2005, at 1:57 PM, Andre Behrens wrote:

> I use the presumably obscure Dvorak/Command-Querty keyboard layout. It
> uses Dvorak for standard typing, but when you hold down the command
> key, it switches to Querty, so I can use the key that's actually
> printed on the page, and preserve that precious command key muscle
> memory. I've had mixed success using the command keys with TextMate,
> though. For instance, I frequently change the indentation of blocks of
> code, using command-[ and ]. When I use DQ, I tend to get some sort of
> commenting. If I switch back to regular querty, I get the results I
> expect. Is there any way this can be improved?
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