[TxMt] Key Command to Switch Tabs?

Eric Hsu erichsu at math.sfsu.edu
Fri Aug 26 15:54:57 UTC 2005

At 4:49 PM +0100 8/26/05, Graeme Mathieson wrote:
>On 26 Aug 2005, at 16:37, Eric Hsu wrote:
>>Command-Backtick (`) works in every OS X application.
>Interestingly, despite the fact that the keys actually behave 
>correctly for outputting characters, with my (UK) Logitech keyboard 
>attached to the Mac, I have to use Command-Backslash (\) to switch 
>between windows in an application.  It's still the 
>key-next-to-left-shift though, so perhaps the consistent response 
>is: Command-Key-To-The-Right-Of-Left-Shift ? :-)

Catchy, and it's got a beat you can dance to.

Perhaps another way is to go to the Finder and see what key is listed 
next to Window/Cycle Through Windows. Presumably it will list the 
correct key, and it will be system-wide. Of course sometimes I have 
no idea what key an icon represents. It took me a while to figure out 
what Enter and Escape look like...

best wishes, Eric
Eric Hsu, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
San Francisco State University
erichsu at math.sfsu.edu

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