[TxMt] [feature request] Better Printing!

Raymond Brigleb ray at needmoredesigns.com
Mon Aug 22 23:29:08 UTC 2005

I think I've requested this before, but I'm a Taurus, so I'm  
requesting it again. :)

I would love to have the ability to at least set the font size,  
possibly even the font face, and ideally even allow/disallow syntax  
highlighting when printing.

Turning on/off syntax highlighting would be great because people with  
black & white printers probably want it off, but folks with color  
printers might want it on. Setting the type size would be great  
because I like to save paper, and by default TextMate prints way, way  
too large. And it would be nice to set a different font, because I  
often set my screen font bolder than I want my print font.

Just a humble request. Thanks!


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